Millennium 3 Capital Financial Features

Financial Features

Millennium III’s projects provide investors with a number of financial benefits. Investors receive a substantial tax write-off in the first year of the partnership. Subsequently, most of the income from the property is used to pay down the mortgage, which increases investors’ equity. The net proceeds from the property are distributed to investors year after year, providing a long-term income stream. After debt is retired, the income from the property available to investors increases substantially.

As well as providing a growing source of income, the value of the investment increases as the property appreciates. Millennium III’s strategy is to hold the property long term, as leases provide ongoing, increasing revenue.

Optional Equity Payment Loan Program
Investors may choose to finance the investment through select financial institutions. Please contact for details on the Optional Equity Payment Loan Program. Interest on money borrowed to invest may also be written off.

* This website’s financial information about the expected investment returns, tax implications, or future performance of the project or partnership units are forward-looking projections and actual results may vary. Any forward-looking information disclosed herein is only an extract or summary of information included in the offering memorandum for the project and readers should consult the offering memorandum for complete information about the project and, in particular, the material factors and assumptions used to develop the forward-looking information and the risk factors which could cause actual results to vary.

** Investors must qualify.

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Our current project, Centre 120:

  • $24,700 initial investment (per unit)
  • Approximately $12,410 initial write-off
  • $5,000 net rental revenue after debt repayment
  • 14 year anticipated mortgage payout

Centre 120 is located directly to the southwest of Edmonton’s newest central community of Blatchford. One of the largest sustainable developments planned anywhere in the world, once completed it will be home to an estimated 30,000 people. Centre 120’s flexible industrial business zoning allows for a mix of uses from personal services to logistics. With easy access to major traffic routes and a growing local population, Centre 120 is well situated to capitalize on significant redevelopment in the area.