Investment Growth

In order to maximize income potential, the Millennium III investment strategy is to locate good quality but undervalued commercial properties in growth areas. A property with scope for improvement, professionally managed, will see substantial appreciation in value.

The expertise of Fortress Properties Inc., the property management division of Millennium III, is key to the success of our projects.

Our vested interest in each project ensures that we always act in the best interest of our investors because we are owners, too.

Millennium III’s properties grow in value over time because:

  • Refurbishing and upgrading the property increases its income potential
  • Renegotiation of existing leases to reflect current market rates for the improved space, as well as securing new tenants, contributes to the increasing value of the property
  • Commercial rents tend to move up, generally ahead of inflation, increasing revenue
  • Reduction of debt results in both growth of equity and more surplus cash available to investors
  • 50% debt/equity leveraging amplifies the return
minimize riskmaximize opportunity
  • Tax advantages
  • Cash flow surplus
  • Equity growth
  • Property appreciation