Limited Partnership

A limited partnership is essentially a cooperative of investors, who are equity holders, as well as a general partner who is responsible for the operations and financial reporting. Limited partners contribute capital by purchasing a partnership unit. They are not directly involved in management of the day-to-day operation of the business, and their liability is limited to the amount of their investment.

The Millennium III Group of Companies includes the general partners of more than 50 active limited partnerships in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Millennium III is responsible for the operation of each partnership, providing investors with a worry-free, armchair investment in real estate.

The directors and officers of Millennium III personally commit to our limited partnerships by purchasing investment units in every project we syndicate.

profit throughpartnership
  • Tax advantages
  • Limited liability
  • Investors participate in profits without responsibility for the business
  • Each property is owned by a unique partnership

The general partner provides:

  • Commercial real estate expertise
  • Initial capital, interim financing, and cash flow coverage
  • Professional management of the property
  • Distribution of profits and annual reports to investors
  • Expertise in financial reporting, securities and partnership law, and commercial landlord-tenant law through long-standing professional relationships with legal and accounting experts

As limited partners, investors:

  • Participate fully in the profits of the property
  • Risk only their initial investment capital, which is underwritten by the inherent value of the real estate
  • Are protected from recourse by mortgagees
  • Benefit from the tax advantages of a partnership, as start-up costs flow through directly to limited partners and can be written off against other income