Western Canada

At Millennium III, we believe in the value of Western Canadian real estate.

Saskatchewan has abundant mineral and energy resources, for which there is growing global demand. The province has the world’s largest deposits of high-grade uranium ore and potash. Saskatchewan’s oil and gas resources are second only to Alberta’s, and the province is famous for its vast capacity for agricultural production.

In Alberta, the most accessible and readily extractable portion of the oil sands is currently under development. This huge reservoir of petroleum, estimated at 1.8 trillion barrels, is enough to supply the world with oil for the next century. Its importance in the coming decades, as the world’s most politically stable supply of oil, cannot be overstated.

With deepwater ports serving the emerging Asian markets, BC is the conduit for transport of Western Canadian commodities to meet growing global demand.

As the world recovers from recession, Western Canada is poised for unprecedented economic growth. Millennium III continues to invest here with the intention that our partners will share in that growth.

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  • Fastest growing economy in Canada for the past decade
  • 1.8 trillion barrels of oil estimated in Alberta’s oil sands
  • World’s largest deposits of high-grade uranium and potash
  • Vast agricultural production