Yellowhead Corner

Yellowhead Corner is situated in the Dominion Industrial neighbourhood of Edmonton, AB. With a mix of light industrial and commercial uses, the property is located on Yellowhead Trail NW, one of [...]

Centre 120

Centre 120 is located directly to the southwest of Edmonton’s newest central community of Blatchford. One of the largest sustainable developments planned anywhere in the world, once completed it [...]

Belle Rive Plaza

An attractive, recently constructed retail strip mall in a desirable north Edmonton neighborhood. The plaza is subdivided into nine tenant bays.

Gateway Centre

A single storey retail strip mall divided into six tenant bays. The property also includes a gas bar and kiosk. With 83 spaces, the site supports plenty of parking.

Plaza 44

An attractive retail mall consisting of two adjoining buildings with a total of 13 tenant bays. The larger building is single storey and features a gas bar. The other building is two storeys with [...]

Plaza 55

An attractive retail strip mall subdivided into 12 tenant bays, with plenty of parking (60 spaces).

Plaza 100

A single storey retail strip mall featuring a gas bar and convenience store. The site features a large parking area with 95 parking stalls. The building is demised into eight tenant bays.

Clareview Shopping Centre

A single storey retail strip mall demised into 10 tenant bays. The tenants include a number of nationally recognised food providers and a convenience store. The site features an extensive parking [...]

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