Investor Services

Our Investors
Over half of our limited partners own multiple interests in a number of projects, with some of the earliest investors regularly participating in our new projects. In our most recent projects, repeat investors continue to purchase the majority of the available units.

Investor Services
Millennium III provides investors with:

  • Distributions of partnership income
  • All necessary income tax filing documents
  • Annual financial statements
  • Regular reports on leasing activity at the property

Every year, at the annual meeting of each partnership, we welcome investors to meet with us to discuss activity at the property and the performance of their investment.

Investor Loan Program
Millennium III offers the Optional Equity Payment Loan Program, enabling investors to distribute the cost of their limited partnership investment over a number of regular payments. The loan program is arranged through select financial institutions, subject to approval. A partnership unit can be purchased with a down payment of $5,500. Interest charged on the loan is also a tax-deductible expense. Many investors choose to purchase partnership units in this way, to take advantage of the additional tax write-off the loan provides. Contact for more information.

serving investorssince 1981
  • Over 1,600 investment partners
  • Over $400 million asset base
  • Over 6,000 limited partnership units
  • More than 50% repeat investors
  • Investor loan program