Market Knowledge
A real estate syndication is essentially a group of investors who pool their capital to acquire a property. Ownership and profits are shared amongst the participants in proportion to their capital investment.

We facilitate our syndications by performing all the services necessary to set up and maintain property-owning limited partnerships.

  • We provide initial capital to acquire suitable property and arrange financing
  • We establish and register the limited partnership, and provide the opportunity for investors to act as limited partners
  • We prepare all necessary documentation, including an offering memorandum fully disclosing the financial structure of the project
  • Third party review by experts in securities and partnership law ensures the project is fully compliant with all applicable legislation
  • Closure of the partnership is guaranteed and interim cash flow coverage is provided

In the initial years of the project, costs associated with syndication services and property improvement are factored into the equity requirement for the partnership, thereby providing tax relief to investors.

profit throughpartnership
  • Structuring real state investments
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Engaging investors
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Cash flow coverage